NI Interview, L-Word, and Oliver

February 6, 2007 at 3:49 pm (General Life)

I had my interview with the National Insurance Number people in Manchester today. Basically, it’s like a Social Security number, but it’s what’s used to get my free health-care. I went over-prepared, figuring it would be like my Visa application, but the interviewer just laughed at me. He was a nice guy who I guess could tell that I was stressed a bit. At any rate, I should have my number in about 3-4 weeks. Which is just in time, since my doctor’s has already posted me something saying they can’t find my NI number in their database.

I’ve been watching The L-Word since I got here. Emma downloaded the first three seasons, and the ones that have been on this year. I’m kinda into it.  Emma’s got a thing for Bette and Carmen. I’m not sure who I’m into.

When Emma was growing up, she hung out mostly with boys. One of the boys she used to play soccer with, Oliver, died in a car crash this past week. It’s a sad thing really. The town is so small, so all of the people her age are coming out to the funeral and services. Open casket funerals aren’t too typical here, and there is an open-viewing for Oliver’s close friends. Emma’s not going to that, and I’m not sure she’s going to do to the funeral. She doesn’t do those types of things very well. I suggested sending a card and letter to the family, and when she’s ready, we can go visit the grave on our own, rather than having to see all the people she grew up with in that sort of emotional state.

I bought my plane ticket back to the States for my birthday. Em and I got them for 122pounds, plus 147pounds tax. Wicked cheap! Direct from London to Boston. Nice.



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