About Sarah

I’m a 27 year old Special Needs Educator at a charter school in MA, soon to be expat living in the UK. I enjoy crocheting, knitting, travel, dancing, martinis, internet, Tolkien, Law & Order, tattoos, and the Food Network. I recently married Emma, my wonderful partner of 5 years. My page reflects my life, and doesn’t stick to much of a pattern.

Someday, having a blog will be useful.



  1. Wendy said,

    Hi Sarah,

    Congrats for friday, hope you have an awesome day!!!! Was just checking, lol, to see how the Hello Kitty afghan’s going, and the granny square afghan. Although I reckon you have more important things on your mind. You pm’d me to ask about my pink granny square afghan, and my Hello Kitty bag when you were at the ‘ville. I just check in occassionaly to see how they are going, lol. Take care and have a wonderful day friday, Wendy

  2. texan said,

    hey sarah,
    i came across your blog when i searched unmarried partner visa for the uk. i am in a similar boat as you. i did my undergrad in the the uk, finished in july, and now am having a very difficult time getting an extension of stay. you mentioned its very difficult to prove that youve been with someone for two years, and thats the case for me too. do you know how rigid they are on that? i was thinking about doing the in person application with a case worker with my girlfriend there with me. have you heard anything about how lenient they are? sorry to have to ask you all this on a public forum but i had no other way to get intouch with you. if you have have any adivce to share id love to hear it. my email is s.a.makani@lse.ac.uk thanks a bunhc.

  3. ammar said,

    Hi I am Ammar form Karachi, Pakistan. I found your blogs quite interesting. I think you follow a very reasonable approach while writing.

    Well, about my comment on one of your blogs i would like to appologize if i offended you or any member of the gay community.

  4. kinkylilblackdress said,

    I did find your blog post quite offensive, and inaccurate. I know several gay couples that have children, born of their own bodies. I’m assming your lack of knowledge is due to your cultural upbringing, so I will leave your comments on my blog to show others just what I mean when I discuss matters such as this.

  5. Susan said,


    Sorry for the very late notice, but I have been searching for designers that may want to submit a pattern to be published in the accord pattern a day calendar for 2008 and I just found your website. I am working on the calendar now and it needs to go to the publisher on Monday. If you are interested in submitting a pattern, please send it directly to me in the next 1-2 days and I will get the pattern into the calendar.

    Check out http://www.crochetpatternaday.com. There is no payment per submission, but you receive a copy of the final, printed calendar and there’s a monetary contest. Also, each pattern you submit will have a link to your website. Many of our designers, yarn shops and other contributors actually submit the free patterns that are on their website and list their URL to hopefully drive users to their website. It’s pretty decent advertising anyway.


  6. liz clothier said,

    can you send your Hello Kitty crochet pattern? thanks, I am willing to trade-


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