Why do I want to lose weight?

November 1, 2006 at 8:35 am (General Life, Weight Loss Updates)

My pretty-much-SIL blogged yesterday about joining a gym.

So I am so unsatisfied with my body right now that last night after walking three miles, I drove by a gym, and joined it.

I joined a gym at 6:30 last night. It’s an all women gym.

Hopefully, I can get myself back on this track of feeling good about myself again.

I also started to take a multi-vitamin and it made me break out.

Why can’t I just be happy with who I am/what I’ve got?

Which got me thinking. I am happy with who I am. I am happy with what I’ve got. I’ve always been a rather self-confident person about my body. I’ve had to be at an early age, since my 38DD’s sprung up at the oh-so-lovely age of 12.  

So,  why do I have this nag in the back of my head that says “lose 60 pounds”? As I’ve hit 27, rolling into 28, my body has started fighting back my “who cares” attitude about my weight. I’ve got stretch marks on my stomach. One going right across the dragon tattoo I have (that I got about 20 pounds ago). My size 16 pants aren’t fitting my waist, but fit my legs and butt fine. It’s all about the belly. Let me rephrase that – it’s all IN my belly.

I’m 5’2″, and when I weighted myself this week, I weighted 186lbs. But when I stick to the “24 points” that Weight Watchers gives me, I end up eating more than I usually do. I’ve used the excuse of “its my meds” for a while. Being on Advair (a steriod) and Lexapro (a SSRI) both are known for their weight gain. I’ve also noticed a lot of what I’m putting on is water weight – my hands and feet swell a lot before that time of the month.

So why do I care? It’s it a material thing – as in I don’t want to pay for a touch-up on my now odd looking tat, or larger clothes?


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Weight Loss Update – Week 3

August 14, 2006 at 10:02 am (Weight Loss Updates)

I had two big point meals this week. One morning, I went out for breakfast at Friendly’s and got their mushroom, sausage, egg and swiss cheese sandwich, with a side of homefries and an english muffin. That meal alone cost me 36 points. I also went to Applebees, but I stayed under my 24 points that day. There is this whole underground mutation of Weight Watchers called “The Wendie Plan” that I seem to be following without even knowing it.

Beginning of week 3 – 186.1
End of week 3 – 184.2
Amount lost week – 1.9
Amount lost total – 6.0

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Weight Loss Update – Week 1 & 2

August 7, 2006 at 7:54 pm (Weight Loss Updates)

I started off the week well. I was really hungry for the first few days, but then I think my body got used to the lack of being full 24/7.

Beginning weight – 190.2
End of week 1 – 186.8
Amount lost week 1- 3.4
Amount lost total – 3.4

Then I went camping. I’m really pleased that I lost any weight at all, figuring all the crap that I ate. I still stayed on program, though.

Beginning of week 2 – 186.8
End of week 2 – 186.1
Amount lost week – 0.7
Amount lost total – 4.1

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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

July 21, 2006 at 10:58 am (Travel, Weight Loss Updates)

I’m back at home now, in Tiverton. I got in last night, around 8pm after a delay of about four hours. I got to sleep right away, after my puppy Paige gave me a bath with her kisses.

I’ve decided on a few things since I was with Emma. One of them is that I’m going on a diet. A real one. I’ve never been all too fussed about my weight. I’ve always been fine with my apprearance. But, over vacation, I developed two serious stretch marks on my stomach. I no longer fit into any of Emma’s clothes, which we used to be able to share.

I went on eBay and got a Weight Watcher’s kit. I looked into joining Weight Watchers itself, but I’ve never been one to go to meetings and all that. I’d rather go it alone. We’ll see how it goes. According to the charts there, I should weigh 135lbs, which is about 50lbs less than I am. I did weight that much once, about 10 years ago. We’ll see how long it takes me to lose all that weight.

Just another thing to blog about, I suppose.

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