Gaspee Days Craft Fair Experience

May 30, 2006 at 7:09 am (Crochet & Crafts)

This past long weekend I participated in the Gaspee Days Arts and Crafts Festival in Warwick, RI. Overall, it was a rather mediocre end to a rather confusing process.

Let’s go back in time, shall we? At the beginning of April, I came across the listing for vendors. I went to the festival’s web site, printed out the application, and sent it in along with payment. The web site said “confirmation of your acceptance will be made by May 1st or shortly thereafter”. May began, and I checked the mail everyday for my confirmation letter. When May 15th rolled in, and I didn’t hear anything, I got a bit worried. I sent an email to the coordinator, asking if I had been accepted. The reply I got said that because of last minute applications, there was a delay in sending out confirmation letters.

And I thought to myself, “because someone(s) sent their paperwork in too late, I have to wait to even see if I am doing a major craft fair”? The email didn’t even state if my work was accepted. But, I decided to wait some more.

A week went by, and again, nothing. There was now less than a week until the event, and I still hadn’t heard anything. Again, I emailed the coordinator, and asked if I could get some information – if I was accepted, directions, set up times, etc. Again, I didn’t get any of that information, just an email telling me that notification had been sent out. Two days passed, and my letter finally arrived. It had most of the information I needed, except for what would be provided to the vendors (tables, chairs, water, electricity) Luckily, I did get an answer when I emailed this time.

The weekend rolled around, and Girlfriend and I packed up my parent’s SUV (thanks Dad for letting me commandeer your car for an entire long weekend). We pulled out the letter, which had directions to the event printed at the bottom. These directions were rather general, referring to major streets as “that road”, and intersections as “down the hill”. With Girlfriend’s help, we got to the event safe and sound.

We unpacked the car, we realized that we had left chairs at home. Our neighbor-vendors, “Stepping Out Custom Toe Rings”, let us borrow a folding chair for the day. After setting up, we were ready for the day.

The weekend was hot and sunny. Both Girlfriend and I got sunburns, even sitting under our top. We were situated almost at the end of the three-block setup. We were surrounded by silversmiths, a lady selling princess head-pieces, and a family selling hermit crabs. Girlfriend and I bought a pair of crabs, naming them Bert and Betty.

Our sales were very slow all weekend – only 8 items sold over the three day weekend. We didn’t make our money back from the vendor fee. At the very least, I got to spend some time with Girlfriend before she leaves to spend the summer with her family, back in the UK.


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Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts Festival

May 24, 2006 at 6:53 pm (Crochet & Crafts)

After much confusion and delayed confirmations, I’ll be selling this weekend! The weather report looks beautiful, and it’ll be the last weekend I have with Girlfriend before she goes to see her parents for the summer back in the UK.

2006 Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts Festival

Saturday, May 27th, Sunday, May 28th & Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day)
Starting each day at 10:00 am to 5 pm
Narragansett Parkway, Pawtuxet Village, Warwick, RI

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From the Kindness of Strangers II

May 17, 2006 at 7:12 am (Crochet & Crafts, Forum Dramatics)

Once again, my pals at Dreams of Dogwoods have come through for me.

Seeing as I’ve got that new sale at the Farmer’s Market, I thought maybe I should add a veggie/grocery bag to my stock. There is a crochet-a-long going on at DoD, Natalie’s Econo-Shopper bag. I PMed Nat, asking her if I could get a cottage license in order to sell her creation at the sales. I figured that it would cost me at least a $20, but I’ve seen artists sell their patterns for well over $100.

In her reply, she told me that she couldn’t accept any money for the pattern, but asked that I tag my items with her blog addie : Go check it out, and let her know that she’s the awesomest person out there!

In addition to Nat being the fab girl that she is, Pink posted that she would send a spare pattern she had to the first person who PMed her. I did, and I’ve got Crochet Tops to Love in the mail, heading to me! Here’s Pink’s blog :

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New Sale Confirmed

May 16, 2006 at 12:51 pm (Crochet & Crafts)

I just got word that I will be selling my wares at the Downtown Providence Farmers’ Market this summer.

An enormous variety of fresh Rhode Island foods in the heart of our capital city. The Downtown Market lives up to its namesake, offering a taste of Rhode Island to all those who converge upon Providence. Alongside Kennedy Plaza, the market serves the intersection of downtown officeworkers, bus commuters, convention visitors, but moreover creates a crossroads of urban and rural. Farmers, bakers, prepared food vendors offer a world-class showcase of local foods and the momentum is only certain to grow with the resurgence of downtown Providence.

I’ve confirmed these dates, with possible addition to July:

June 23, 30
August 4, 11, 18, 25

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WIP Killer Weekend

May 13, 2006 at 11:29 am (Crochet & Crafts)

My Goal : To eliminate as many WIPs as possible this weekend.

My Plan: To complete what I have listed below.

Complete all cozies for upcoming sale.
– Add embelishments to chicken, pig, croc, and ladybug
– Stitch up the sides

Complete the Baby It’s Cold Outside sweater for co-worker’s baby-to-be.

Get a row’s worth of Hello Kitty Squares done for SIL’s gift.
– 5 Kitty Squares
– 10 “other” squares
– stitch row together

Get a row’s worth of Brother #3’s Christmas afghan done.
6 four-inch squares
4 1 six-inch squares
– stitch row together

Get a row’s worth of Grandma’s Christmas afghan done.
– 10 four-inch squares
– stitch row together

I will update as I complete.

Man, I absolutely overestimated what I would be able to get done this weekend. With a combo of Nyquil, sore joints and Mother’s Day, I suck at this WIP killing. The 4″ squares and 6″ squares took much longer than I thought they would. One of the non-Kitty squares for my SIL’s blankie took me about an hour – although this is probably because I had never made one in that style before, so I had to frog a lot. I am rather impressed with how it did come out, though. When I’m not so lazy and drugged up, I’ll post some piccys.

I do like the idea of setting a goal each weekend and seeing what I can get done, though.

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Confessions of a UFO Maniac

May 10, 2006 at 2:01 pm (Crochet & Crafts)

I think I have a problem.

Every time I see something interesting that I want to crochet, I start on it. I work on it until the next new and exciting thing comes around, then I begin that. I think I have a dozen WIPs right now – all larger scale projects.

I think part of my issue is that I have so much Red Heart and Homespun around, that I think to myself, “I have the yarn. Might as well give it a go!” I don’t seem to have the self-control to say “Wait until your Cathedral Rose afghan you started 6 months ago is done, then start the queen-size granny square afghan.”

I’ve also had to balance creating stock for my sales (which are small items I can pop out in a few hours) to working on long-term projects. I think to myself “I have 7 months to make 8 afghans for Christmas. That’s plenty of time! I can start making that Care Bear from the pattern book I just got.” But in reality, I don’t think it is enough time.

I’m on UFO overload.

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…and one heaping tablespoon of WIPs

May 4, 2006 at 9:43 am (Crochet & Crafts)

Man, I’m a UFO maniac as of late. I have so many projects half done, it’s unreal. I think creating so much stuff for my sales, I’ve just abandoned the items I’m crocheting for myself. Here’s my insane list….

Yesterday, I began a Care Bear for a co-worker’s upcoming baby. I have about 20 rounds done on the head.

Monday, I started a Hello Kitty granny square afghan for my brother’s girlfriend’s Christmas prezzie. I have all of one square done.

I am making a pink shirtless-sleeve set for a student who is in her cousin’s wedding. I haven’t even really started it.

I have a Cookie Monster bag that I’m making for myself. The tapestry section is done, I’m just working on the back and strap.

I also need to start thinking of and making afghans for my family as Christmas gifts. This includes my mother, father, grandmother (x2), brother (x3), girlfriend, and best-guy-friend.

Then, there are all the things I started ages ago, that I haven’t even touched in months. Cathedral Rose afghan, amineko, granny square afghan, and probably a lot of other things I haven’t thought of yet.

On top of that, I want to make some baby-things for my craft sales. Arrrrghhhh! I need more time and energy.

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From the Kindness of Strangers

May 2, 2006 at 10:19 am (Crochet & Crafts, Forum Dramatics)

I posted a pattern request on C’ville for a Japanese Hello Kitty pattern book. Thinking that I might have burned my bridge at that forum, I was absolutely floored when I logged on today and saw the huge amount of PMs offering to help me in my search! Not only were members able to provide me with exactly what I was looking for, so many of them took their time and offered their support of me, my blog, and my efforts at C’ville.

I would specifically mention members that went above-and-beyond, but I fear that they may be targeted by the C’ville gestapo for being helpful to an Untouchable like me. It wouldn’t suprise me if my PMs have already been read by the admin. Yes, even though that vBulletin does not have the specific option to read PMs, the database contains these PMs (and the owner can read the database), and there is also a hack to download. So be careful – Private Messages aren’t so private!

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Real Life, Less Drama

May 1, 2006 at 11:53 am (Crochet & Crafts, Forum Dramatics)

Now that things seemed to have begun settling down at C’ville, (although, the question of the auction and funding is still in the air), I’ve been able to spend more of the internet side of my life relaxing. I’ve been invited to many new forums that sprang up during the time of C’ville’s “vacation” that are much more chilled and less drama filled. I’ll mention two, before moving on…

Crochetmania – Although this one is home of a few “powerful” C’ville supporters, and I was told in so many words that I am not welcome there. So, you won’t see me there much.

Dreams of Dogwoods – A wonderful place run by those exiled out of C’ville for one reason or another. A very honest, open, and frank discussion group on several types of crafts – not just crochet. This is my more regular craft-related stomping grounds.

I had my first sale this weekend, and although I didn’t get as many things sold as I was hoping for, it was a good experience overall. I’m looking forward to my next one, Memorial Day Weekend’s Gaspee Day’s Arts and Craft Fest.

I’ve got quite of bit of what I call “quick stock” (things I can whip up very quickly, and sell well), so I’ve been working on larger pieces, like shrugs, handbags, and more ornate items. I’m also beginning to think about Christmas gifts that I want to start on, since I tend to take a while making the important things. I’m thinking of making a Hello Kitty afghan, using this free pattern of a Hello Kitty Granny Square that someone posted over at craftster.

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