Oh yeah, I used to blog everyday.

January 29, 2007 at 2:04 pm (Debt Work, General Life)

I’m quite relieved today that my Crochet Club check from school finally went into my account. I only get paid monthly over here, and before I left, I assumed that I would have had that money to live on for the month. Unfortunately, no. The school lost paperwork, and a check that I was supposed to have December 30th has arrived January 29th.  So, I got that check today, and my new job’s paycheck Wednesday. I’ve been living on borrowed money for a month, and my Dad has been footing all my bills back home. At least now I can say to him that he can take money out of my American account to cover what he’s footed for me. Relief.

Work’s boring as fuck. For some reason, a job that takes my peers two hours to do, I can do in 30 minutes. I thought for a while that I must be leaving out steps, since the people who have been at this job longer take so much more time to complete the tasks. But, after going through the packs with one of the higher-ups, I’ve got it down correctly. The positive side to that is we get bonuses based on productivity. Woot. The negative side, is that when I’ve done the packs for the day (usually 2 or 3), I’m out of work to do. So, I’ve been asking around to see  if anyone has post that needs logging in, so I can at least keep myself busy, and give someone else a hand in the mean time.

Emma’s got dominoes tonight. It’s at the pub just 3 blocks from our house, so I thought about joining her for a drink. But then I realized a few things. The BIL that isn’t talking to me is going to be there. The BIL’s ex (who I told off) is also going to be there. I decided to just avoid the scene all together and hang out on my own tonight. I got laundry to put away anyway.



  1. Deneen said,

    Bummer about work and I am sure the co-workers aren’t crazy about you finishing up early either.

    Money is always like that for me-when I anticipate money coming in, it never does until I am flush-feast or famine is how it always is for me.

    I miss your blogging everyday and hope you get more comfortable in the UK.

  2. Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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