“I don’t mean to piss you about, but…”

January 2, 2007 at 2:12 pm (Debt Work, General Life)

I’m home from my first day at work. I can’t say I’m all too impressed. The day started off with me waiting 45 minutes for the HR guy to get me and the other two trainees that started today. After filling out loads of paperwork, I was send to the department that I was to work in. They showed me to the department head, who handed me off to her subordinate (who happens to be Emma’s brother’s ex), who handed me off to HER subordinate, who then passed me along to someone who I was to sit with and listen in on calls.

That lasted about an hour until they realized that they had me in the wrong department. Emma’s cousin is one of the uppity-ups, and she had requested that I be changed to a different department, and the HR guy hadn’t known. Since the new department is actually a different company, I had to go back to the HR guy and fill out a whole new set of paperwork. Then cousin came and gave me the run down – no tattoos showing, and NO facial piercings. So, out went my labet. She sat me down with a guy who deals with the incoming clients. He got bored of me after about 30 minutes, so he shifted me off to another guy who deals with recovering all the debts and tracking down creditors. He only started a month ago, so he knew about as much as I did. He actually said,”I have no idea why they put you with me, but maybe we can figure out the job together.”

Two hours later, cousin comes back, and tells me that they are shifting me to yet ANOTHER department – Emma’s department – but for only three weeks. Emma’s very behind on her work, and Sarah wants me to help her out. After three weeks, she will “figure out” what she wants me doing. At least when I got to Emma’s department, I actually got to sit down and do some data entry instead of just picking my nose.

Needless to say, I wasn’t too thrilled at the lack of organization in this place. The nice thing is, I’m working 9-5, which means I’ll be home at 6ish. I’m going to go open a bank account tomorrow during my lunch hour. Then, I’m leaving work an hour early to have my first appointment with my new doctors. I hope tomorrow’s a better day.



  1. Deneen said,

    Me too! The first few days of work are always a bit confusing, everyone trying to either help to much or not enough, etc. Hopefully by next Monday, it’ll be more routine for you.

  2. Marmite said,

    Welcome to England!

  3. Stacey said,

    hows the job going now?

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