Benedryl Zombie has jet-lag

January 1, 2007 at 1:30 pm (General Life)

Another day spent sleeping. Not so much jet lag as allergy meds knocking me out today.

Yesterday, Emma and I went out for Chinese with Caroline and Alen. They spent some of the night correcting me on my English pronunciation (like to-mah-toes instead of to-may-toes, and not to refer to it as a “restroom”, but as “the toilet”). It was a good meal, even though the place was absolutely packed, insanely warm, and filled with cigarette smoke. We walked to the Kings pub after the meal and stayed there until just after midnight. More people, more smoke, and the music was of the British pop variety, so I didn’t know much. The nicest bit was on the walk home, there were fireworks going off in the nearby neighborhood, so Em and I watched those for a bit.

I start my new job tomorrow. I’m very nervous. I know I can do the job, but I’m so worried that because of the accents, I’ll have trouble understanding the people, and I’ll come across as a moron. Em says I’ll be fine. If it goes awful, I know I’ll be calling home for a pep talk. Tomorrow’s wake up call is 6:40am. Later than what I’m used to for working at ACS, but I haven’t gotten up before 9am here. Then it’s catching the bus at 7:15am, for about an hour long bus ride. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do on the bus for an hour to keep myself occupied; probably just crochet the blanket I’ve been working on.


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  1. Deneen said,

    Good luck tomorrow, but I know you’ll be fine.

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