Moments with myself

December 30, 2006 at 9:05 am (Personal Revelations & Whatnot)

Emma’s gone off grocery shopping with her mum, so I’ve got some time alone for the first time since being here. It’s so quiet. I’m sitting in our livingroom, near a large picure window. I can see the hills through the fog. Like always, it’s raining. More like a drizzle, but a cold one. The neighborhood we live in is full of retirees, and every so often, they walk by the house, going who knows where. They are always polite enough to wave to me, even though they don’t know who I am. I wave back, since maybe I will get to know them.

I walked in our back garden for a bit, barefoot, in the rain, like I used to do at my house in Tiverton. The ground was much colder but softer, and the grass had a different texture. We’ll see how it is come summer time, when I like to just sit in the grass and read or crochet. I put some stale bread in the birdfeeder, and some ravens came by for a snack. From the back yard, I can see the chapel that the town was named after. It’s older than the USA, and I went inside it this past summer with Emma’s dad.

I started crocheting a blanket on the plane, and I’ve kept it going since. It’s going to be one large granny square, made of Caron’s Rainbow Dream, in Jet Stream. It’s like a mixture of greens, purples, and blues. It’ll match the colors of the bed set we have. I lost my reading glasses a while back, so when I was out shopping yesterday, I bought a pair from Boot’s. It’s a cheapo pair, but they do the job.


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