It Comes in Fours MeMe

December 2, 2006 at 7:54 am (MeMes, Quizzzes, and Polls)

Things You May Not Have Known About Me:
Four jobs I’ve had in my life:

  1. secretary for a professor at the college I attended
  2. lifeguard and swim instructor
  3. camp counselor
  4. receptionist at the school I work at now

Four movies I would (and do) watch over and over:

  1. this random documentary called “Einstein’s Big Idea”
  2. any of the Lord of the Rings movies
  3. Breakfast Club
  4. Gone with the Wind – at least twice a year

Four places I have lived:

  1. Fall River, MA
  2. Tiverton, RI
  3. Chapel-en-le-Frith, UK
  4. ….and that’s it….

Four TV shows I love (or would love) to watch:

  1. Lost
  2. any of the Law and Orders
  3. Smackdown and Raw (WWE)
  4. Nova

Four Places I have been on Vacation:

  1. Las Vegas, NV
  2. Miami, FL
  3. Barcelona, Spain
  4. London, England

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. complete English breakfast (sausages, baked beans, rasher, stewed tomatoes, toast, fried mushrooms, and eggs)
  2. cheese
  3. hot dogs with coney island sauce
  4. churico and peppers

Four of my favorite books :

  1. Catcher in the Rye
  2. Lord of the Rings
  3. Stellaluna & Verde (yeah, I know, two books, but same author / genre)
  4. The Bible and the Qu’ran (I love reading religious texts)

Four friends I think will respond with their ‘All About Me’ list:

  1. Deneen
  2. Pink
  3. Kara
  4. pinneh


  1. Pink said,

    I love reading these, not sure that people will want to read about me but I’ll share…have agreat weekend!

  2. Deneen said,

    I will get to this on Monday, I promise (although i swear I did this about 1 1/2 years ago and am too lazy to look), maybe I will do it and then compare my answers-like fav foods.

    If I don’t remind me, if you remember.

  3. Kara said,

    hey, I’m posting mine on my site. And, geez, what a crappy friend I have been. I’ve missed out on so much, and there’s no excuse. I’ll be emailing. And probably shooting out a hell of a blog. Being back on your site has been theraputic for me, if that makes any sense.

    Love ya,

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