Work versus Relationships

November 26, 2006 at 11:41 am (General Life, Personal Revelations & Whatnot)

I hate bullshit reasons on breaking up with an SO.

My brother’s long-time girlfriend has been living with us for the better part of a year. She’s decided to move out. At first, I was confused over what exactly went on, if she was just moving out, or if they had broken up. When Abe (lil bro) told me she was moving out, he was upset, so I didn’t want to dig for details. I thought to myself that if they didn’t break up, it was a strange arrangement, and seemed like a “step down” in the ladder of commitment: moving out, without your SO. Abe was not moving in with her.

She posted about the move on her LiveJournal, and I replied by letting her know that Em and I were cool with her, but we were there for Abe first. This was before I got the confirmation that they were indeed broken up. One of the sentences in her reply to me has gotten me pretty miffed. “I start working crazy hours at both jobs soon and so I won’t really have time for a significant other, let alone my friends which I hardly ever see anymore these day.” to which I replied, “I can understand needing a place outside my parent’s house. Obviously I’m not going to agree with the reasoning of jobs getting in the way of relationships, either friend or SO. But then again, different people, different priorities.”

I think it’s rather lame to use the excuse of a job taking up too much of your time for a reason to break up with your SO. Especially in this particular case where there are two jobs (a part time job that often gets complained about, and a full time, better paying job), and one of them could easily be left without a whole lot of issues. Especially when she’s had a front row seat to the crap I’ve gone through to keep my relationship together with thousands of miles, 5 time zones, obvoxious in-laws, and the whole politics thing. I take it as a personal insult that it’s the reason she’s used to leave my brother.

Yeah, I’m pissed that she’s hurt my brother, and that she’s used a bullshit explanation to do so in the first place. Maybe their relationship had issues, but be honest.


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  1. rachel said,

    Thats exactly when you DO need someone to be with… they can help you stay calm and take your mind off things… give you a tme to relax. Yes, having a SO is time consuming, but it’s a balancing act–if you live with them you see them at night for a few hours before bed. To break up with someone over work getting in the way is retarded.

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