I have a weird Grandma.

November 10, 2006 at 2:43 pm (Fun, Funny, Silly, General Life)

I think everone had a weird grandma (or auntie, or sister, etc.). I love her to bits, but sometimes, she’s just wacky.

In the wintertime, she makes my brothers shovel the sides of her house, so that the squirrels don’t climb up the snow and go into the house via a hole in the roof. (A hole that does not exist.)

When she  got a new Ford Focus a few years back, she returned it to the dealership because she thought that it was going up on two wheels when she took corners.

Like many people, she thinks my chronic asthma and pneumonia is caused by me going outside with wet hair. The fact that I was on a swim team for seven years, and frequently went into the winter air with wet hair solidifies this in her mind.

When she has parties, she wants me to bake things for the event, like cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, etc. That’s not that weird, until you add the detail that she wants me to make these things 6 weeks in advance.  Last Christmas, I had to convince her that things I make in September wouldn’t last three months.

Abuot 15 years ago, my mom’s kitchen had a goose theme.  She changed it a few years later, but my grandmother still gets her goose towels, dishes, pot holders, etc. Grandma comes to our house at least 10 times a year.


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  1. Deneen said,

    We all have a weird relative, but the car on two wheels is kinda funny. My mother is convinced that because of wet hair/outside, my dd gets colds. I have explained til I am blue in the face that a virus or bacteria cause illness, not a wet head-it goes unheard though.

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