My Car MeMe

November 7, 2006 at 8:22 am (MeMes, Quizzzes, and Polls)

1. Year? 2002

2. Make? Ford

3. Model? Focus ZX3

4. Color? Silver

5. Leather or cloth seats? Cloth

6. Do you have a CD player? Yup

7. What CD is in your car right now? Better Than Ezra

8. What is in the trunk? my flat tire

9. How much gas do you have in it? Almost half a tank

10. What’s in your front seat? napkins from Mc Donalds

11. Have you ever been pulled over in it? Not in this car! <knocks on wood>

12. Do you like your car? After all the shit I’ve been through with it, you betcha.

13. How many miles does it have on it? 20K

14. What kind of gas do you use in it? The cheap stuff

15. Do you have a name for your car? Not really. I do talk to it though.

16. How’d it get it’s name? It doesn’t have one.

17. Have you washed it within the last two weeks? Nope.

18. Have you or anyone thrown up in your car? Other folks have come close, but not yet.

19. Have you ever been in a wreck in your current car? Several. Saul hit the back, causing a dent. Then I hit a deer 2 years ago.

20. Do you want to modify it in anyway? Not really.

21. If so, what all do you want to modify? If I had to, XM radio.

22. Do you have an amp and subs in it? Uhhhhhh…

23. If so, how much power do they have? Uhhhh…..none?

24. Who all has ridden in your car? Emma, Mom, Dad, Abe, Saul, Aaron, Clint, Paige, Chris, Steve, Grandma, some work folks.

25. Have you ever let anyone drive it besides you? Dad, Emma, and Clint.

26. How long have you had the car? About 4 years

27. Done anything illegal in it? Oh yeah. Travelled wrong ways down a one-way, speeding, etc.

28. What does you car smell like right now? Yarn.

29. Ever made out in your car? Just first base.

30. Ever had sex in your car or plan on having sex in your car? No. Way too small.


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