I have crabs.

November 6, 2006 at 8:26 am (General Life)

So, I have two PPs (Purple Pinchers, a type of hermit crab) that I’ve had since July. Bert and Bea have been living in my tank, on their own since that time.

Yesterday, I bought them some new friends, Boris (who is the same size and Bert and Bea), as well as two smaller crabbies, dubbed Bernard and The Boogeyman by my Lost-and-WWE-loving wife. I’m not sure the types of the crabs quite yet; I’m assuming Boris is a PP, and the littlein’s are E’s (Equatorial, another type of hermit crab).

“Experts” suggest that you isolate new crabs before introducing them into your already set-up tank. It should help them de-stress, and eliminate the possibility of introducing mites that they might be carrying. I didn’t. I don’t have another tank that I could hold them in and keep a temperature or humidity at anything other than what my house is at. And with the heat on in the house, this place is very dry.

I did give them a quick dip in the fresh water in the 15gal plastic drawer/tub I use for a tank, and set them down. I watched activities all day long, letting them “duke it out” with the others unless I hear some major chirping. (Yes, chirping. Hermit crabs make noises. Think tiny ducks.)

Bert’s been dug in all day, so he missed all the action. The Boogeyman immediately found a smallish opening in the grapewood, and started de-stressing. Occastionally, when things settled down, Bert popped his head up as to say, “What’s all the commotion about?”

Bea is not happy. She has this little cave that she’s had on her own for ever. Boris has decided that he likes it too. They fought for a while, first Boris getting kicked out, then Bea. When I heard chirping , I pulled them both out of the cave. Boris curled up in his shell, and kept chirping after Bea had left him alone. Eventually they went their separate ways. Boris has now claimed the cave, and Bea has moved over to the grapewood with the chilled-out crew. Boris has been standing guard at the mouth of the cave. I can almost hear him saying “Yeah, that’s right, it’s MY cave now, sucka!”

Then there is little Bernard. At first, he was in the cave, fighting it out with Bea and Boris. Then he discovered that there were a lot more places to hang out in the tank, so he’s relaxing in a blue glass jar I have tipped on it’s side. His head comes out every so often to check out what’s going on, but he seems pretty happy where he is.

Last night is when they decided to all be up and out at the same time. I’m glad that for some reason, my body decided it was time for bed about 7:45pm. These crabbies woke me up a few times during the night, with their splashes into their salt water dish, fights, climbing, etc. It’s like having a new puppy or something.


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  1. Deneen said,

    Where did you find hermit crabs this time of year? I have been looking for some for Elena and didn’t get to the boardwalk this summer (where they sell them). Online, most don’t want to ship em because, well they are live.

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