Strange Dream

November 3, 2006 at 8:36 am (General Life)

Is anyone good at interpreting dreams? I had a weird one last night. I’ll try and remember what I can from it.

My mother, and the science lab teacher here at work (we’ll call her Missy), were in a convenience store. They were the only ones in the store, other than the cashier. They weren’t aware at the time, but the male cashier was trying to steal money from the store by returning things that were never purchased. They interrupted his scanning process, and threatened them with a gun. A female police officer came in, and the cashier shot her dead. The cashier kidnapped my mother and Missy, and that was the last of that dream “scene”.

I was at home, and Emma was there. I called into work crying, telling the voice mail of the school that my mother had been kidnapped, and I needed to take a few days off. I was very upset because since the officer was killed, I assumed that my mother would be killed too. Days went by but after the first day, I never heard anything about progress in finding my mother.

In the process of searching for my mother, I was speeding down the highway. My car swiped another, scraping the side. I later learned that I killed a boy that was in the car when I scraped the side. I had to go to a court building to fill out paperwork admitting that I committed a crime, but I was sure that when I told them I was looking for my kidnapped mother, I would be forgiven.  Right before I was to fill out the paper, the lights went out on the floor that I was on. Complete darkness. I yelled for Emma, and she came and found me, took my hand, and lead me out of the room. When we went downstairs, the lights were on on that floor.  We walked by custodians, and one of them was a boy I dated in 10th grade (10+ years ago). He kept chasing me through the building, and I kept running away from him with Emma. I yelled back to him that I was married to Emma, and to stop chasing me. But he kept running and following me.

One morning I woke up in my home, and my Mom was back. I was hysterically crying with happiness, but mad that my father hadn’t woken me up to tell me that she was home.

In the next “scene”, I was riding to college with Emma  and Emma’s SIL. This Hispanic boy that was supposed to be my brother was driving. The college we were going to was located in NYC, near ground zero. The collapse of the buildings,  and the building up of new buildings was happening before us, in a sped up fashion. My “brother” explained that this was a phenomenon that happened on a daily basis, and if we just closed our eyes, we wouldn’t have to watch it. We arrived at college, and I walked through the campus. I had to get by girls who were playing soccer near the front door of the building where my classes were held. I walked inside, and there were all these weird Escher-like staircases. I went to where my class was supposed to be, and it was empty. I realized that I was at the wrong campus, that I was supposed to be in Dartmouth, MA; not in NYC.

The last “scene”, I was working in an alternative clothing store called “Bois and Grrls”. There were two customers with babies. One of the babies had this condition where she either had no eyes, or her eyelids were shut all the time. The other baby was very small for her age (Barbie doll size). In a section of the store near the cash register, there was a shower and a massage table. There was a naked girl (late teens/early twenties) laying on the massaging table, and there was another girl in the shower. The girl in the shower filled a glass with cold water, and splashed it on the other girl on the table. The table-girl was PISSED!

That’s about all I can remember.


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  1. Rachel said,

    Well in my psych class we just went over the chapter about dreams. I can give you a few sites to help decifer those for ya.

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