Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t blog.

November 2, 2006 at 9:24 am (Social and Politics)

From Gay servicemembers warned of Web monitoring

In response to increased Web monitoring and security by the U.S. military, the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network is warning gay and lesbian servicemembers to choose their Web activity prudently.

The legal group cautioned that a military agency, the Army Web Risk Assessment Cell, is monitoring “official and unofficial blogs and other Web sites” as well as checking Web site visits for members of the military.

Soldiers are now required to register their blogs with their commanding officers, the Associated Press reported. The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network has since posted guidelines on its Web site to help gay and lesbian servicemembers — because information related to sexual orientation on the Web would be grounds for dismissal from the armed forces.

The group advises servicemembers not to access sex-related Web sites on a military computer, to erase cookies and history regularly and not to indicate which branch or base they are affiliated with. (The Advocate)

I guess, technically, blogging is the “telling” part. I would assume that gay military members would already know this,¬†though. Kind of “well, duh”. ¬†



  1. baptistnomad said,

    Fascism…that is where we are…a fascist country…the whole surveillance thing is too much for me!

  2. Rachel said,

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