On our *maybe* new home.

October 31, 2006 at 11:54 am (The Big Move, Uncategorized)

I just got an email from Emma….

The bungalow is gorgeous. It’s on the quietest street I’ve ever been on. The furniture included is a washer, fridge freezer, oven, fully fitted kitchen, and the bedroom is fully fitted too. The bedroom is HUGE! It has fitted wardrobes and cupboards. There are picture hooks on the wall, so I didn’t need to ask about that. The appliances are all nearly new. It looks and smells clean. There isn’t any seating in the living room like the picture shows. The lady said there is also a holding fee of 200. She said she wouldn’t be sure if I would get that back or not, but I would have to pay it along with the reference fee when I apply. They’re going to send me an application form in the post. I’ve also been added to the mailing list, so if anything else becomes available I’ll know. Another person has already sent in an application.

Please please please please please let us get it!



  1. dhaunae (Lani) said,

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Deneen said,

    Me too!

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