Homeschooling and my kids.

October 27, 2006 at 10:09 am (Social and Politics)

Well, my future kids. I’ve been rolling the idea in my head for a while…when Emma and I decide to have children, would I want to home-school? I really don’t know enough about the subject to make a firm decision now, but it’s at least worth a blog post. That way, I can get some feedback.

Why would I want to home-school? Well, as a teacher, I can see what is going on in schools today. I work with teachers now that I would NEVER want any child to have, let alone my own. I really like “alternative” approaches to teaching that can’t be done in traditional schools – more self-driven, exploratory type learning. Kind of like Montessori teaching, but even less formal. I think kids can learn a lot more from real-life experiences than from lectures and worksheets. Maybe that’s the special educator in me looking at alternative ways to teach children who can’t learn traditional ways. Students that I work with now who have been home schooled for years beforehand tend to “learn” better – they pick up concepts before their peers, they retain things differently, and they produce a higher level of work.

Why would I shy away from home-schooling? Most of the children I have worked with that have been home-schooled for a long period of time are a little “odd”, socially. Even with play groups and socilizaion, I still think that what a child needs to learn to become socially independent in today’s world is helped by what they go through in a daily setting with a lot of peers. Even the negative interactions in school help develop coping skills, IMO. Do I have the time and energy for home-schooling? Would we be able to swing it financially if Emma was the only bread-winner, and I stayed home to teach?

Who knows. I’m glad I have a lot more time to research and decide.



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    Congrats on the wedding!

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