Scrapbooking is fun.

October 21, 2006 at 8:21 pm (Crochet & Crafts)

We got our wedding pics back from the photographer, and thought it would be an opportunity for me to try out something I’ve wanted to do for a while – scrapbooking. Emma and I went to AC Moore today, and got about $50 worth of scrapbooking odds and ends – an album, a book of plain pages, 4 fancy pages, gold lettering, wedding & fall stickers, ribbon, and some of those 3D sticky things. Emma ended up enjoying it more than I did, and we think we’ve found a new hobby for us to share. All be it, an expensive hobby, compared to crochet.

We’ve got about 10 pages done, and have already discussed going out to get more things for more pages, as well as possibly putting together another book of our trips when all the photos come back from the immigration people.


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  1. peninah said,

    E and I have great fun putting together a book of our travels. We haven’t been as fancy as you, nor have we finished from our trips 6 years ago, but we’ll get there. 🙂 It definitely is something that is easily (and lovingly) shared!

    much happiness to you two.

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