“It’s a mustard day…

October 5, 2006 at 8:45 am (Crochet & Crafts, Personal Revelations & Whatnot, Teaching, The Big Move)

…it’s time to ketchup.” Or so my 5th graders tell me. So, here’ s a post that’s got a little bit of everything in it – work, crochet, wedding, and personal.

On the wedding/move front – I took Wednesday off too. I did go to the DMV and get what I needed there. Which took a lot less time than I planned. Trips to the DMV are famous for going into the 5+ hour range, but I was blessed enough to be in and out in less than half an hour. Without any troubles at all. It indeed was my lucky day. After that was done, Em and I developed some more pics to go into the evidence binder. This thing is getting pretty damn big, but I guess it’s better to have more evidence than is needed, than not enough in the first place. In the process, we discovered that emails that Emma had saved in her hotmail account (dating all the way back to 2001) have mysteriously disappeared. Hmm.

I called a JP, and confirmed the date and place for the ceremony. For those who want to know, it’s October 13th (Friday the thirteenth….ooooo!) on the waterfront in Fall River.

Crochet club went well on Monday. All of the kiddos who showed up (17) were able to be single crocheting by the end of the evening. Next week’s going to be continuing to practice sc. When the kids voted to see if they wanted to do one major project, or individual ones, the decision was pretty much split down the middle. So, I might split the group down the middle, and have one group work on a blanket, and the other work on smaller things.

I’m stuck doing make-up standardized testing this morning, with the regular-ed kids. So, I have about 2 hours to babysit and crochet while the cherubs break their brains over filling in those lovely bubbles. I can slowly feel my Lexapro starting to kick in (after 5 days of not taking any and truely falling off the deep end), so today might not be as bad as I thought it would be.


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