Welcome to my world.

September 29, 2006 at 7:30 am (Personal Revelations & Whatnot)

6:00am – alarm goes off for the first time; hit sleep

6:15am- hit sleep again

6:30am – turn off the alarm, roll out of bed, feed the hermit crabs, go to the bathroom to do my thing, brush my hair into a pony tail, go back to my room and find something to wear to work

6:40am – go downstairs, wake up Dad, find my shoes that Paige has hidden the night before, grab a microwave meal out of the fridge for lunch, take my meds, head out the door, listen to talk radio on the way to work

6:50am – arrive at work, punch in, turn on the AC, turn on and fill the copy machine, check the school’s answering service, send out emails to staff, write staff absences on the board, read morning notice, and answer the phone until Jeanine arrives

7:45am – punch out, go to my room, drop off my bags, make a pot of coffee for the 5th grade team, eat a bowl of French Toast Crunch, go to the hospital next door for a cup of chocolate iced coffee

8:10am – line up with the kids outside, man the 5th grade hallway, check in with my student with Autism to be sure that the day is planned out, fill my messenger bag with materials for the day, finish up my coffee

8:20am – begin the teaching day with my first class, change classes every 55 minutes

11:10am – microwave my lunch, head upstairs to eat with the 6th grade team, vent about the first part of the day and home-life frustrations, and if time, check my email

11:40am – back to teaching 4th period, have one prep period to organize materials, write reports, make observations and phonecalls

3:15pm – end of classes, check in with autistic student to be sure she has all materials for home, man 5th grade hallway until all students are dismissed, finish up incomplete paperwork

3:30 or 3:45pm – On Mondays, start crochet club; on Tuesdays, professional development; every other Wednesday, staff meetings; Thursday & Friday go home

3:50 or 5pm (depending on day) – arrive home, take off my shoes, change out of teacher clothes, do chores that need doing, take Paige for a walk, hop into the sofa by the computer and do some surfing.

5:30pm – make & eat dinner with the Mrs. (or go on a date if it’s Wednesday), chill out, watch some tv, crochet

8pm- shower, more tv and internet and crochet

between 9pm and 11pm – sleep time

And to think…I was told by someone unemployed that I need to get a “real job”.


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