I have the immune system of a spaghetti strainer.

September 10, 2006 at 5:32 pm (Personal Revelations & Whatnot)

You know, it never fails. As soon as I settle in at work, I come down with something.

Back on Wednesday, I was feeling kind of yuck – body aches, worn down, headachey. I missed my period this month because of stress, so I just figured Aunt Flo was on her way.

Early Thursday morning (3am-ish) wake up with INSANE pains in my right shoulder, right arm, and right side of my trunk. I couldn’t get back to sleep, and I have having trouble breathing because of the pain. Assuming I had a pinched nerve in my neck or something, I stocked up on ibuprofen, and waiting until 6am to see how I was. I didn’t get any better in those three hours, so I called out of work and spent the day at home. I really didn’t get any better that day, so I thought I’d just buck up and deal and go back to work.

Bad idea. After about 4 hours of work, I was hallucinating. I swear to god there were bats flying around me. I headed up to the school nurse, and had my temp taken – 101.4. Since I work in a school, if my temp goes over 100, they send you home. I hopped in the car, went and got Emma, and headed up to our doc in Westport. Donna (my NP) checked me out. On top of this virus that is going around, I have a ear infection in my right ear, and a chest infection (explaining the lovely yellow and green chunks I’ve been coughing up). She also took the precautionary move of doing some blood work to make sure I don’t have Lyme disease.  Donna is Emma’s doc as well, so she had a quick check over and gave her something for this wicked sunburn she got. God, I’ll miss Donna when I move to the UK.

With my asthma and frequency of getting pneumoia, Donna cracked out the big stuff. Z-pac for my infections, percocet<sp> for my asthma (in order to get the crap out of my lungs), high dose ibuprofen for my daytime aches, and vicoden for my nighttime pains. I’ve been on the meds for about 2 days now, and I don’t feel as bad as I did a few days ago. The hardest part now is waking up at 3am and spending 45 minutes coughing up infected phlegm.

I know, yum.


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  1. Deneen said,

    I hope you feel better soon. Elena catches something within the first month back at school-never fails.

    PS-My husband is from Westport.

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