Am I going insane?

September 5, 2006 at 7:16 pm (The Big Move)

Alright, I’d had a month of hassles around this whole thing, and I wanted this all layed out so that I can get some feedback – do you think I’m going about this the right way?

There are five different visas that I am eligable to apply for.

Work visa – I can work right away, and I would be eligable for NHS right away. My employer needs to prove to English Immigration that there is no other legal resident in England that can do the entry-level job that I have been offered. If I got the visa, I would be legal in the UK for as long as I was employed.

Vistor Visa – Can’t work, can’t get NHS. Two year limit on being in the UK legally.

Fiance Visa – Must register as a civil partner within six months of entering the UK. Until that point, I can’t work or get NHS. Although I could stay there indefinately after the partnership has been legallized, I would then need to change my visa to a spousal visa – so I would have to pay for two visas instead of one.

Unmarried Partner visa – I’ve been told this is about an 80% change of actually getting one. I would need to establish that I have lived with Emma in a relationship “akin to marriage” for two years – as in, lived together, same address, etc. We can’t prove that. If I was able to, I could stay in the UK indefinately, work and get NHS right away.

Civil Partner’s visa – gay equivolent to spousal visa. I can work right away, get NHS right away. There are only a few cases each year that get turned down, mostly because they can’t prove that they will be able to support themselves. If I get this, I can stay indefinately. All you need for proof is a marriage/civil partnership license.

You know my situation, which would you do? (Barring any other influences of family disagreeing with your choice.)



  1. Charly said,

    Think very carefully before you do anything, this is a big decision and you would perhaps be better thinking about staying in America

  2. Kathy said,

    If you and Emma are ready for the big step of commitment, then the Civil Partners Visa would probably be the best. With your families so unsupportive of your move and partnership, are you each prepared to move away from them and cut ties if you must? It’s a hard decision, but you both need to be prepared if it comes to that. Hopefully it won’t.

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