Am I going insane?

September 5, 2006 at 7:16 pm (The Big Move)

Alright, I’d had a month of hassles around this whole thing, and I wanted this all layed out so that I can get some feedback – do you think I’m going about this the right way?

There are five different visas that I am eligable to apply for.

Work visa – I can work right away, and I would be eligable for NHS right away. My employer needs to prove to English Immigration that there is no other legal resident in England that can do the entry-level job that I have been offered. If I got the visa, I would be legal in the UK for as long as I was employed.

Vistor Visa – Can’t work, can’t get NHS. Two year limit on being in the UK legally.

Fiance Visa – Must register as a civil partner within six months of entering the UK. Until that point, I can’t work or get NHS. Although I could stay there indefinately after the partnership has been legallized, I would then need to change my visa to a spousal visa – so I would have to pay for two visas instead of one.

Unmarried Partner visa – I’ve been told this is about an 80% change of actually getting one. I would need to establish that I have lived with Emma in a relationship “akin to marriage” for two years – as in, lived together, same address, etc. We can’t prove that. If I was able to, I could stay in the UK indefinately, work and get NHS right away.

Civil Partner’s visa – gay equivolent to spousal visa. I can work right away, get NHS right away. There are only a few cases each year that get turned down, mostly because they can’t prove that they will be able to support themselves. If I get this, I can stay indefinately. All you need for proof is a marriage/civil partnership license.

You know my situation, which would you do? (Barring any other influences of family disagreeing with your choice.)


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