Jajah’s Free Phone Calls

August 10, 2006 at 8:00 pm (Uncategorized)

I usually don’t advertise stuff in my blog posts, but I came across something today that I have to share. I found a way to make free phone calls. Real phone calls, on real phones – no headsets, no prepaid stuff.


I registered with the site, and had to fill out a very short forum with my info. I didn’t have to put in any info like credit cards or SSNs, just my phone number, and my email addie. I emailed Emma, and she did the same. Then, I called her.

The way it works, is that you input the number you want to call. Jajah calls you, then connects you to the person you are calling. Most land-line to land-line phones are free. They make their money other ways, (sms messaging, calls to mobile phones, etc.) You can read their FAQ here.

It really does sound too goo to be true, but I did some research, and I didn’t find anyone outting them as scammers.


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The Big One

August 10, 2006 at 10:24 am (Travel)

In case you haven’t heard, British authorities have thrawted a major plot to blow up trans-atlantic flights leaving the UK. According to MSNBC.com, it was supposed to take place close to the 5 year anniversary of September 11th. It involved 10 planes, and they were supposed to explode simuntaneously. The plot targeted flights on United, Continental, American, and British Airways. US officials are calling this the “Big One”.

Emma and her Grandmother are scheduled to fly one of those airlines, from England, to a major hub in the USA, on September 2nd.

I’ve never had any problems with extra security measures. Today, you can’t have any carry-on items, except perscription drugs, baby formula, and juice for small children. These items need to be carried onto the plane in a transparent plastic bag. No electronics at all, no beverages, no books or newspapers, no makeup or hair products, no toothpaste. All of these things need to go into your checked baggage, or the trash. It looks like that the lines are massive, but the folks seem to be understanding.

I’ve been flying for years now. Emma flew 3 weeks after September 11th. I think I’m more nervous now than I was then.

Just now, it came across the tv that there was an attempted hijacking of a Qatar Airways flight that has been foiled. Al Jazeera interviewed the people on the plane, and were told that the individual was mentally disabled, and that in fact, it might not have been an actual hijacking attempt. Just another thing to worry about on this chaotic day.

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