Back home from Camping

August 7, 2006 at 6:58 pm (Travel)

Hey all. I’m back from camping. Obviously, I wasn’t able to blog while I was gone. My tricky father “mistakenly” told me that there was internet, when, alas, there was not. It was a good get away, nothing too exciting happened, save the bear walking through out campsite. More on that later.

Wed., Day 1: Dad, Paige, and I (in the RV), Mom (in the truck), Abe and Rachel (in Rachel’s car) were the beginning convoy to the campsite. We stayed at the Lost River Campsite, in Woodstock, NH. I do recommend it to anyone. Aaron drove up later that night, and stayed with us. After we set up the site, we chilled out around the campground. I slept in the tent that Abe and Rachel had set up.

Thurs., Day 2: Aaron went home that morning. He had to work. Abe, Rachel, and I drove to the top of Mt. Washington. Little did we realize that it was going to cost $34 to get to the top. It was 98’F at the base, 56″F at the top. Although it was very foggy and misty, it was still a cool drive. I slept in the single tent that Aaron left behind.

Fri., Day 3: Abe and Rachel went home. Saul and Grandma drove up to spend the day with us. I spent the day with Paige at the RV while everyone else went exploring. I made dinner that night, good ole campfire style. Five packets of chicken, onions, and potatoes in foil packets. Two flavored with BBQ, two with Buffalo, and one plain one, and tossed onto coals to cook. Everyone said it came out perfectly. I was rather impresed. To top it off, I crafted a reflector oven out of a cardboard beer case, and tin foil, and baked up some chocolate chip cookies. I slept in the RV so that Saul could have the tent for himself. Tonight began the marathon alphabet games in my head. (More on those in my next blog post.)

Sat., Day 4: Saul and Grandma went home. While cleaning up from lunch, a juvenile bear walked through our campsite. Mom saw it first, and screamed. She grabbed Paige and ran into the RV. Only once she was in did she let me know she saw a bear and told me to take cover. I ran into the RV with everyone. Paige started groweling. It was getting closer, and I remembered what I read in the pamphlet that the campsite owners gave us – make noise to scare it away. I clapped my hands, it crossed back over the river, and left us alone for the rest of our time there.

Sun., Day 5: For the first time in many years, it was just my Mom, Dad, and I on vacation. We packed up the truck, and headed to a local gorge to play in the water. I found a way to travel down about 100 meters on natural rock-waterslides, and the rest of the people who were at the same spot followed my lead. Paige got so excited, and wanted to go down too, but Dad thought it best that she not. I got some sun, which is rare for me.

Mon., Day 6: It poured the night before, so instead of going out like we had planned, we ended up watch my Lost dvd’s all morning, and packing up the site to go home. Dad did about 75mph the whole drive home, so we made pretty decent time.

I have pics. I’ll post them laters.



  1. Deneen said,

    I love Woodstock, NH-good for you, it’s beautiful there.

  2. Kelly said,

    I’m so glad your home, and that the bear didn’t eat you! I missed you. 🙂

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