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July 28, 2006 at 12:10 pm (Forum Dramatics)

Wow! 20-something emails this morning all on the same thing! Keep them coming. I seem to be getting a lot of the same questions, though. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated.

Q: What exactly is “Coventry”?
A: “Coventry” is a settling available to admins of the PhP forums. It puts the targeted user on all member’s ignore list. The user who has been sent to Coventry is able to post, send and read PMs, read as usual. But all other users on the site cannot read the Coventry user’s posts, PMs, or any other thing put out by the confined user.

Q: Were you the only one sent to “Coventry”?
A: As far as I know, yes.

Q: How come there was a difference between the number of users listed as being on the site, and the number of usernames listed?
A: There is an option for users to be listed as “invisible”. This means that no one (other than the mods and admins) can see what you are looking at, where you are posting, and if you are active. It counts you as a member online, but will not list your username.

Q: Why were they so upset when you mentioned something about the invisible users?
A: I’m really not sure. My guess would be that either they didn’t want me pointing out that there were people online who weren’t listed, or they just felt like snapping at me.

Q: How were you able to see who was doing what, if you aren’t an admin?
A:If you add “online.php” to the end of the URL of the forum, you can see who is online. For example, the forum I help run is called eHacked.
http://forums.ehacked.com/ is the regular url
http://forums.ehacked.com/online.php gives you the list of who is online

Q: Why were you banned?
A: The only official reason I got was I’ve posted below – I pissed David off. There was no point that I was able to post after I was sent to Coventry, but before I was banned, so what was a Coventry offence one minute changed to a bannable offence the next.

Q: But weren’t others doing the same things you were?
A: Others were trying to make the same point I was, but I was doing it in a manner that was probably seen as more damaging to the admin’s reasoning.

Q: Isn’t this the same thing that happened over at Crochetville?
A: In my opinion, yes.

Q: Was anyone else banned?
A:Yes, one other member, Kelly, was banned. Others have chosen to leave on their own. There are also members who let the admins know they were “taking a break”, and their membership has been terminated, even though they wished to remain members.

Q: Where can we go now?
A: I suggest Crafster.org. It’s a huge, well established crafting board with every type of craft imaginable. It’s very well run. You are also welcome at eHacked (where I admin), but it’s rather adult, and not craft related at all.

Q: Have any of the admins been in contact with you?
A: Nope. I don’t expect them to, either.

Q: But I thought they were against censorship, and they would never ban members for speaking their mind?
A: Me too.



  1. Pink said,

    So that explains why I couldn’t sign back in…chicken shits didn’t even tell me…and I am soooo upset!

  2. Bonnie said,

    Well, damn I made one comment and looked what happened. Well I stand by what I said and I agree with you guys. Nice blog!

  3. Deneen said,

    Ya know, the more I read things and the more I think about things, I think I am just not cut out to be on boards. I like having a place to get ideas, bounce ideas off of people, hear about different yarn, different techniques, etc., but I don’t think it’s meant to be (with me anyway).

    I do go to Craftster.org, but feel so darn old there…..

  4. Sam said,

    Sarah, How can I contact you, I do not know your email addy???


  5. Sarah Jane said,


  6. Kelly said,

    I love that everyone is feeling free to speak their minds now. This is a very refreshing thing to see. Excellent Sarah~

    Also banned, but who cares! If anyone wants to IM me, email me at KCats08@yahoo.com.

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