100 Things About Me.

July 25, 2006 at 11:57 am (MeMes, Quizzzes, and Polls)

To keep with the current trend in blog posts, here are 100 random things about me.

I am an Aries.
I live in a house inhabited by 8 other people, a cat, a dog, and a crab.
My favorite number is 23.
I only wear makeup when my girlfriend asks me to.
I watch way too much tv.
I have only worn socks once in the last 3 months.
I remember what “OK Soda” was, and I make it myself out of Cola and Orange Soda.
I don’t know my credit score.
I am one of those people who didn’t save money by switching to Geiko.
I love playing roulette at casinos.
The only reason I don’t quit my job is because of the kids I teach.
I bought a Nintendo DS just so I could play Animal Crossing.
My grandmother’s family is from Portugal.
When someone scrapes their fork on their plate it freaks me out like nails on a chalkboard.
My favorite color is grey.
I have four tattoos and three piercings.
I have two future sisters-in-law that are really cool. If their boyfriends break up with them, I’ll be mad.
My favorite flavor potato chips are sour cream and chive.
I learned how to crochet from the internet.
I fear turning 30.
I am a registered democrat, but I find myself more conservative as I get older.
I could keep my tv on FoodTV, CourtTV and MSNBC all day, and be happy.
I love it when my girlfriend tickles my feet.
I am right handed.
It’s been about 15 years since I always wrote in cursive.
My brothers and I were all named after Biblical figures.
My family members are non-practicing Roman Catholics.
I do believe in God.
When I crave food, it’s usually food from Chili’s.
I watch WWE Wrestling.
I read “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy in one summer, and I want to do it again.
I am a “lipstick” lesbian, even though I don’t wear lipstick.
My dream vacation would be a 20-day Mediterranean cruise that stops at many ancient ruins.
I went to college for more than four years, and didn’t finish my degree.
My boss tells me I’m overqualified for my job, but underqualified for the next step up.
I am a certified lifeguard.
I am also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.
I hated 7th grade.
I believe in ghosts.
My great grandmother was named Maria. So were her three other sisters.
Before I met my girlfriend, I was going to name my first daughter “Emma”.
Today is my 5 year anniversary.
I’ve never broken any bones.
I had to get stitches in 3rd grade when I fell off a see-saw and landed on my chin.
My favorite teacher in school was my Spanish teacher, Mr. Cardullo.
The first time I went to New York City was in 8th grade.
My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath.
I’ve owned 4 computers in my life.
I hate the taste of black licorice.
If I have no where to do during the day, I often just wear PJs while I am at home.
I don’t own an iPod.
I am lactose intolerant.
I’ve only been in once car accident since I have been driving, and it was when a deer ran into me. I can put my foot behind my head.
I prefer the manny, Perry over Kevin Federline.
I make the best cheesecake known to mankind.
I own a Magic Bullet – the food processor, not the vibe.
I don’t understand the attraction to SpongeBob Sqaurepants.
I’ve done the dine-and-dash once. By mistake.
I only like my eggs scrambled.
I love bacon.
My dog always sleeps on her back with her paws in the air.
I talk in my sleep.
I left my wallet in a bar in Barcelona last New Year’s Eve.
I support Manchester United Football Club.
I have light brown eyes.
I have over 30,000 frequent flyer miles on US Airways.
I once owned an original Nintendo game called Princess tomato and the Salad Kingdom.
My mom graduated college the same year I grad’ded from high school.
I’ve traveled by train more in the UK than in the USA.
My first cat was named Bo Diddley.
My favorite drink is a White Chocolate martinis.
I was in New York city two weeks after 9/11, and Emma was in London two weeks after 7/7.
Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston scare me.
My bedroom has red walls.
I have a lego Yoda.
The majority of the torrents I have downloaded are historical documentaries.
In college, I took a film class on horror movies.
I have double jointed thumbs.
During the SARS scare, I was quarantined to my home for 10 days.
I have a fear of falling, and I don’t go on roller coasters.
I’ve never worn suspenders.
When I bake, I often eat the raw dough.
I think that pink-dyed poodles look stupid.
I have freckles.
I feel that The Gradual sucks.
I’ve never been to a restaurant on Federal Hill.
I was voted “Class Sweetheart” with my then-boyfriend when I was in high school.
I bought my cell phone on eBay.
Every Christmas, my brothers and I decorate ginger bread houses.
I have comment moderation on my blog to prevent spam, not censor.
I love thunderstorms.
The last movie I saw in the theaters was the first Pirates of the Caribbean.
Every summer, I buy three cheap pairs of sunglasses, and they are all lost by the end of the summer.
According to Weight Watchers, I am allowed 24 points a day.
I take my coffee two ways. They naughty way is with heavy cream and heavy sugar. The diet way is skim milk and Splenda.
I have a slight hole in my palliate that I can breathe through.
I have Melina from WWE as my desktop image.
I love grape popsicles.
This hundred items took me forever to do.



  1. Deneen said,

    I meant to mention the biblical names when you listed the names of your brothers on a previous post.

  2. Natalie said,

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Lucy said,

    That was a really interesting post….I wish more people did that.

  4. Lucy said,

    That was a really interesting post….I wish more people did that.

  5. Kathy said,

    I love WWE too, but my wallpaper is RVD and his wife Sonya after he won the ECW title…and I’ve been thinking how hot she looks lately.

  6. kittykat said,

    happy anniversary….
    i would love to see that yoda…that’s pretty cool:)

  7. Darlene said,

    I absolutley love your site :o) You’ve given me a great idea – I think I’m going to do this as well.. (I just have to think of 100 things I know about myself.) LOL

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