Must-Do-Before-I-Leave List

June 23, 2006 at 11:28 am (Travel)

I have about 50 hours until I leave for the UK. In order to stop myself from obsessing about forgetting something, I’m making a to-do list. Yeah, I know it’s boring. Deal.

Phone loan people, and finalize the car-transfer. Get car?

Finish doing laundry.

Get suitcases from Grandma’s house.

Pack said laundry.

Go out to Brooks and get needed things: air-sick patch, salsa, chips, candy.

Organize and pack yarns and hooks into case.

Clean out Crab-itat and go over care with SIL.

Pack carry-on bag. Don’t forget passport, tickets, meds, hook & yarn, water bottle.

Clean room.

Actually shut down computer.

Post travel details on fridge.

Ask SIL to take care of plants.

Call business office about paycheck.

I’ll add more as I remember and cross off as done. Let me know if you think I forgot anything.



  1. CraftyCritter said,

    Have a safe and fun trip Sarah!

  2. Pink said,

    I’m green with envy as I could do with a trip home. Take care and have a safe and happy trip.

  3. karanoelle said,

    Salsa? As in you break out the chips and salsa on the plane? Because if that is the case, you are even more my hero than I thought you were!

    Have a wicked safe flight and a fantastic visit!

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