9 Hooks + 23 Skeins + 45 Students = 1 Long Day

June 16, 2006 at 7:27 pm (Crochet & Crafts, Teaching)

Work has been piss easy this week, so yesterday, I popped my head into the 6th grade classes and asked if any of the students would be interested in me bringing my crochet materials to work, so that I would teach them. I got about 15 “yes”s, so this morning, I packed up my rolley-tote with yarns and hooks, and headed off to work.

I cleared the floor in one of the classrooms, and plopped myself on the floor. When the first class walked in, they all (yes, all 23) gathered around me, and shouted “Teach me, Ms. C!”.

And, I did.

Throughout the day, I had 3 different classes come in and out for 2 periods each. Each time, I had a dozen students in a circle around me, learning how to chain. I only had 9 hooks with me, so they shared. Even some of the boys joined in, and made chain-headbands out of my camo varigated yarn. I had a few students master the chain, and I moved them onto doing rows of single crochet.

I couldn’t get over how they kept saying, “This is fun!” and “My grandma tried to teach me, but it’s easier now!” and “Can we do this on Monday?”

Of course, I’m bringing everything back on Monday. About half of the students said that they were going to bug their parents into taking them to Wal-Mart this weekend, and get some hooks and yarn. I told them what they should get, and how much it should cost them. I explained why the hooks are different sizes, and how they go with different kinds of yarn.

Most of them want to make headbands, wristbands, and purses. I can’t wait until Monday.


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  1. DixieRedHead said,

    my dd took her hook to school and got the whole 7th grade “into” crocheting. It was really cool you taking that to school. Who knows, a new addict may have been born!

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