What’s that sharp pain in my back? Part 3

June 9, 2006 at 8:03 am (Teaching)

Warning: This is the final part of long-winded post in a three-part series complaining about work-related drama. Names have been changed (including mine), so that this doesn’t come and bite me in the ass some day. For those of you who don’t care to read that type of thing, I express my apologies, and in return for the hassle, check out this really good coupon for Joann’s.

After discovering that a co-worker was monitoring my every move, and dealing with it up front, things began to quiet down. Kiki, Noelle, and I started having lunch together regularly. We noticed that “Rayne”, the third teacher in the 5th grade team, had began not eating lunch with us, and now dined with Julia.

This was a concern, since a good amount of bonding time with the 5th grade team was spent during lunch.

Weeks went by, and life at school was as normal as it could get. The end of the year was winding down, and there was hours and hours of paperwork that needed to be handed in. One morning, I come into Noelle’s room, and she was having a conversation with Kiki, both looking very upset. Tensions had been building between Kiki and Rayne. Rayne had been curt with Kiki, where before they were friendly. The “you cover my back, I’ll cover yours” unspoken deal that all teachers share was broken, and Rayne was no longer going above-and-beyond at all.

And so it brings me up to today. There are now, unfortunately two sides in our once bonded team, with Kiki, Noelle, the paraprofessionals, and I on one side, and Julia and Rayne on the other. Julia believes that Kiki is the one who came to me, and this could possibly be the reason that Rayne has been so curt with her.

The irony drips, though. Julia is presently interviewing for another position in our school. Because of this, as well as numerous other meetings/coffee breaks/confused schedules, she has not been servicing her pull out students – exactly the accusation that she threw at me. These students end up going to the inclusion classroom, where I reside.

In the great balance of karma and whatnot, I am the one now covering her ass, and she is the one getting into trouble for not delivering appropriate services.


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  1. karanoelle said,

    like sand through an hourglass…..these are the days in our basement.

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