Real Life, Less Drama

May 1, 2006 at 11:53 am (Crochet & Crafts, Forum Dramatics)

Now that things seemed to have begun settling down at C’ville, (although, the question of the auction and funding is still in the air), I’ve been able to spend more of the internet side of my life relaxing. I’ve been invited to many new forums that sprang up during the time of C’ville’s “vacation” that are much more chilled and less drama filled. I’ll mention two, before moving on…

Crochetmania – Although this one is home of a few “powerful” C’ville supporters, and I was told in so many words that I am not welcome there. So, you won’t see me there much.

Dreams of Dogwoods – A wonderful place run by those exiled out of C’ville for one reason or another. A very honest, open, and frank discussion group on several types of crafts – not just crochet. This is my more regular craft-related stomping grounds.

I had my first sale this weekend, and although I didn’t get as many things sold as I was hoping for, it was a good experience overall. I’m looking forward to my next one, Memorial Day Weekend’s Gaspee Day’s Arts and Craft Fest.

I’ve got quite of bit of what I call “quick stock” (things I can whip up very quickly, and sell well), so I’ve been working on larger pieces, like shrugs, handbags, and more ornate items. I’m also beginning to think about Christmas gifts that I want to start on, since I tend to take a while making the important things. I’m thinking of making a Hello Kitty afghan, using this free pattern of a Hello Kitty Granny Square that someone posted over at craftster.



  1. Veronica said,

    I’m sorry you felt unwelcomed at Crochetmania. I for one would be happy to see you post there. I know there are a lot of members who still post at C’Ville, but there are also many of us who won’t go back. Crochetmania is just getting started, but I hope we can find room for everyone.

  2. Sarah Jane said,

    When members of ‘mania who are running Auctions at the ‘ville make rude comments to me that go uncorrected, makes me feel less than welcome.

  3. ThreeOliveMartini said,

    i jstu thought that was awful.. i read that.. and they want to keep those things “in pms and emails” secrets never gain you anything.. i for one sarah think you are beter off at a place that doesnt like to hide things.. fuck them..

  4. Marvie said,

    Yeah, why bother yourself with folks like that. We like ya just like you are and to hell with the rest!

  5. Natalie said,

    I’m just glad to see you over at DoD.

    Congrats on a decent sale, too… You had some really unique items!

  6. DixieRedHead said,

    ur always welcome @ the DoD girly! hope you could use those links I sent ya.–>

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