Bouncing Baby Projects

March 10, 2006 at 11:51 am (Uncategorized)

One of my friends at work is having a baby. This is the first baby that’s come around since I began crocheting, so I’m in the hunt for project to make for the lil one. She’s not sure of the sex yet, but I don’t think I’ll do the typical blue/pink thing anyway. I wanted something a bit more unique. Here are some ideas I’m bouncing around…

Colorful Modern Baby Blanket – But, I have to figure out how to make those circulair granny squares. I’d split up the work of making the squares with a work-mates that also crochets. I do like the color choices, and with AC Moore’s sale this weekend, I’m all about stocking up.

Baby Poncho This is working off of this pattern, but using baby yarn, and a 3.25 needle. Again, I’d go with something a little more unique, color wise. Maybe I’ll make a matching one for “big sis”, who’s 4.

Crown Hat – for the older sister. Her name is Sarah (like mine!), which means “princess” in Hebrew. The only problem with this possibility, is that I’d have to go and buy the book for the pattern. Maybe I’d do a mini-one for the prince or princess to be!

Fingerless Baby Mittens – too cool for school. Again, pattern needed, but I think I can suss this one out, using my own pattern.

Mary Jane Booties – so much better than traditional booties. And, pattern included!


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