Olympians and the Little Black Medal

February 10, 2006 at 7:30 am (Uncategorized)

I’m competing in the Olympics this year…The Crochet Olympics! When I thought about what I’d do, I tried to pick something challenging, but not too out of this world. I mean, come on….I work full time, and go to sleep at an ungodly early hour. I settled on creating 40 4×4 Granny Squares. My keen math skills figure that’s about three a day. So I registered for crochet-a-long, then looked at the list to see what others are doing.

Yeah, color me inadequate. One lady’s doing 75 squares, another doing 100! Yeah, I suck. But then I realized…One of the weeks during the Olympics, I have off for February break! I could easily do 75! What I figure is that I’ll have no problems getting the 40 done, and I’ll just see what I end up with. Maybe I can squeeze out the 75 so I can hang with the cool “hookers”.

If I were smart, I would have stumbled upon this crochet-a-long a week ago, and would have been able to do some prep-work before hand. But, as it is now, it officially starts at 2pm EST – when I’m still at work with 2 hours to go. It would have been nice if I could have rolled my skeins into balls. I’ve been having such a horrid time with snags lately.

Instead of noting my day-to-day progress on this section, you can keep up with my activities here.


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