My Little Black Puppy

February 3, 2006 at 10:23 am (Uncategorized)

Wow, two posts in two days. Doubt that’ll happen again.

TGIF…Friday’s are my easy day at work. I just spend most of the day giving tests. That, and whenever my students play hookie, it’s on a Friday. So I either have no students, or very quiet students. It’s dress-down day at work, which means the kiddos get out of their usual polo-shirt and khaki uniform and get to wear something of the day’s theme. Today, being the Friday before the Super Bowl, is NFL day. Seeing middle-school aged kids in football jerseys is rather amusing, since most the tops fit like dresses on these kids. I’m not much of a football fan (other than a fair-weather Patriots supporter), so I asked one of my larger students to bring me a top. He did, so I’m spending the day sporting a Miami Dolphin’s jersey. Not sure who’s it is, though. I guess I could always look on the back, but that requires me taking off the shirt. At any rate, it’s #34.

So I think my next project will be Midnight Knitter’s Punk Gloves. She’s got quite a few funky patters on her blog, and a cute dog to boot. But not as cute as mine. Although, I really should complete the two projects I’ve got going on.

That’s Paige. And that’s my girlfriend’s shoe she’s chewing. Isn’t she cute? She’s my miniature black lab, or at least that’s what the breeder calls them. I’m not quite how that works genetically, but she’s about 13 months old, and less than 40lbs. This was taken when she was a wee pup of 8 weeks. I would crochet her something to wear, but it will probably end up like that shoe did.

Anyway, I spent the day in between math and history tests creating a linked page with my Completed Creations. Clicky the linky.


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